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CavGunnerV2:  Races/ClassesEdit

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Dragonkin / Draconic Human:



There are 3 class trees.  When you complete the basic tutorial, you can choose your class tree.  You can develop an evolution system if you'd like.  If you don't, i'm perfectly fine with just calling the classes by the class tree names.  You have free reign on anything you think would work and make an interesting playing experience.

Class Tree:  Warrior - Uses a sword and shield to bring pain upon their enemies.  If there are other class evolutions under this, one should be for tanking while the other is for damage.

Class Tree:  Mage - Uses various types of magic (depending on sub-classes) to either deal damage or heal enemies

Class Tree:  Ranger - Uses a bow (or rifle) and various other tools to attack the enemy from afar.

Cav's Summary of Ideas:

1) Start as "Shade", "Soul", blah blah blah.  Doesn't matter.

2) Do tutorial.  Gain just enough experience in tutorial to get to the max level (Set the EXP multiplier to an extremely high amount so that the right amount of exp is gained at the right times to allow the player to be the max level when they finish the tutorial.  This also allows you to have "Intro" skills that they can then lose, which can give them a taste for different classes (You can remove skills once they "Class Up").

3) Once tutorial is finished, they choose one of the 3 trees.  Trees SHOULD be different dependant on the race (Dwarves cannon use magic, etc).  Different trees?  Limited trees?  Different aspects within the trees?  Races should be unique enough that players WANT to choose one, and not make it a random choice.

4) Players carry on with gameplay.  Once they reach the max level for their class, they can "Class Up" again.  2 options should be best.

5) Once players have leveled up to that max, they should have one final choice of 2 options.


TUTORIAL -> Human -> Warrior - > Knight OR Mercenary

Knight -> Dreadnaught OR Paladin

Mercenary -> Dervish OR Berzerker

The Knight would focus on Tanking, and the Mercenary would focus on damage output.

Following that, the Dreadnaught would focus on taking as much damage as possible, in addition to dealing damage, whereas the Paladin would focus on taking as much damage as possible, in addition to supporting other players via minor healing and/or buffs.

Likewise, the Dervish would focus on dealing as much damage as possible to as many people as possible, whereas the Berzerker would focus on dealing as much damage as possible to a single target.


I recommend class trainers.  I don't know why, but I still feel as if they're the best choice.

Otherwise, choosing your new class whenever you wish is the only other option.


Do NOT allow them to freely switch (donator perk idea:  Freely Switch), like was done in Minescape!  This ruins the idea of grouping up, if you can just do everything!

Instead, have them able to reset whenever they want.  And then work their way up a new tree, if they so wish.

Health dependent on racial resistances?

Orcish skin is tougher = more health?  --> Good idea.

Elven skin is more delicate = less health?  --> Good idea.

Encourage certain classes for certain races (based on racial bonuses to skills):

Elves = Archery (Ranger tree)

Orcs/Dwarves = Strength (Vanguard tree)

Dragonkin/Elves/Orc = Magic (Mage tree)

Human = Jack of all trades (not excellent at anything, but okay at almost everything).

XP Gain would be higher for people if they are in a class that complements their racial skills.  Humans would have a multiplier of 0.8 - 1.0 regardless.  If a class is complementary to the race, then the multiplier would be 1.2ish?

Just a thought.


This is a good idea.

The only catch is that means we'll need to type up a tree for each Race, as that's how Heroes works.  That can be done when the mechanics have been started, though.

Dungeons, Raids, Quests, etc.Edit

I know this goes into more of an RPG element.  But, I want to develop both an RP and RPG experience.  So, players can supplement their RP by doing cooperative dungons, raids, hunting, etc.

Quests would be handled by the in-character Board of Tasks, but Dungeons/Raids would probably have to be coded.  Thoughts?

Excellent.  We have the beginnings of a great system here.

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