Map of Continental Azaria

Azaria is the mainland continent in the World of Azaria.  There are several other continents of minor importance, but they have not yet been discovered.


Azaria is the mainland continent named after the founder of the first continental civilization, Darkcrest, in 142 BCE.  The founder, Azar II, gathered many people in order to form the continent's first official city.  Darkcrest has a statue in Azar II's honor because of his contributions to modern civilization.

Creation (? - 4352 BCE)Edit

Long ago, there was a massive amount of magical energy roaming aimlessly through the universe.  These magical energies were known as gods.  In their intangible form, they were powerless.  However, over time, they gained tangible forms and thus increased in power.  Depending on the type of magical energy they were composed with, the first gods had different powers which made them into the champions of a specific type of magic.

Each god sat upon a throne within their own realm of Vordalis.  Each god, using their specific type of magic, forged a piece of paradise within Vordalis.  In the center of Vordalis, a great city of magical energy was erected.  Later named Vordalis Major, this city became the bridge to the mortal world.

The mortal world, through Vordalis Major, was created using enormous amounts of energy during a battle between the different magical gods.  In their fight, they crossed magical essences and the pure magical presences of water, fire, earth, and air.  The result was the mortal world which possessed each of the elements in abundance.  Instead of being single, isolated kingdoms of magic, the mortal realm was a combined kingdom of all types of magic.

The First MenEdit

The First Men were created by the champion of the mortal realm in approximately 4352 BCE.  Created in the image of the gods, there were small groups of each race to begin with.  Over time, the numbers grew naturally into what they are today.

Age of Establishment (142 BCE - 0 CE)Edit

For the first 142 years, Azaria was in a state of establishment.  Darkcrest, having been founded only recently, was being built and established as the center of life on the continent.  Azar II ruled as the chief of the group known as the Azarians.  The civilization was not advanced in technology by modern standards, but it was the leading power in the area.

Over a century ago, Azar claimed the land and territory of Azaria in his own name in order to maintain peace and order throughout his kingdom. He had travelled far and settled deep in order to be able establish the colony of Darkcrest. 

However, the past of this new continent had yet to be discovered by foreign eyes and an ancient evil stirred beneath the depths of soil and stone that laid below.

Darkened souls that had remained in slumber for years that could not be counted felt, and tasted the pressence of life that festered in the air above them.

With dark tallons, they made there way to the surface, picking at the gravel that blocked their path, craving the taste of flesh and soul.

At long last, they penetrated the ground and the skies turned dark as people would scream and cower in fear from the gaze that scanned the landscape, for these beings were not near the things of nightmares.

One by one, the towns-folk of Darkcrest were picked off. They were stripped from either flesh or soul, and given the task of plaguing the darkness for what was left of eternity.

Azar panicked and tried to turn to a higher power. He pleaded and begged but the gods feared to answer his call as these creations came not from them.

However, this did not mean that they would not provide as much assistance as they could possibly muster. One of the gods streched out his arms and grabbed the boundries of the stars and pulled them inwards, like a soiled canvas, and disperssed them into the world below.

Constellations flew and darted, and some of them were enough to bring back most of the un-dead spawn. Through the constellation of the ranger, marksman, rogue, mage, and warrior, heros pulled their bodies off of the ground, and stood ready to fight with however much longer their will-power would last. And this will-power lasted for many years to come.

They fought bravely, side by side, and pushed these beings back into the darkness, the crevices, the cracks of solitude below, and there they remained banished.

These heroes stood valiant amongst the towns-folk as they recieved rewards and riches, only to turn them down for a simple life. Each of them took on a spouse, and of course a family, and over time this family grew.

Now, spread throughout the land of Azaria, the houses of the original heroes stand, and their deciples within them.

Age of Discovery (12 BCE - 312 CE)Edit

Until 312 CE, the continent was being discovered by many explorers.  These explorers, initially sent out in every direction from Darkcrest, settled in various spots.  Many of these spots became key installations in modern civilization while many others failed.

Explorer Vral'garrEdit

Vral'garr was a barbarian prince and descendant of Barbarian King Oren.  Vral'garr, using the money given to him after his father's death, set out on a foot journey to the west, learning about the coastal lands and eventually settling near a land bridge.  He called his plot of land Bridgeport.