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Official Encyclopedia all about the World of Azaria.  Welcome to the World of Azaria, a land ruled by powerful dragons and mystical beings.  Welcome to a world where mages and warriors rule the realm and bring order through bloodshed.  Welcome to the story of a land in peril, ravaged by war, and searching for a true leader.  Welcome to Azaria in 1041 CE, year one of your adventure.

The night was silent in the forest overlooking the city of Vale.  The port city, known for its revolutionary import and export systems, was silent on that night.  The families of Vale, just hours earlier, had been warned that a great danger was approaching.  As expected, the women and children of Port Vale crawled into their beds and huddled together to wait out the storm.  The men of the town, through shear courage, took up arms and lined themselves on the ancient stone walls of Port Vale, waiting for the inevitable enemy force which was to come.  Port Vale, the last remaining town loyal to Lord Garris, was the last thing standing in the way of Lord Wes Fallon's attack on the capital city of the Northern Alliance, Spire.

The soldiers of Lord Fallon's squadron attacked in droves, flooding from the tree line through the open field between the trees and the city.  Arrows flew from the city walls, slowly thinning Lord Fallon's forces from thousands to merely a few hundred.  As the remaning forces reached the wall and began to climb, the pikemen of Vale were deployed to end the invasion.  By the time the sun rose and turned the night into day, four thousand men of Fallon's Brigade lay in the field of battle not a hundred meters from the wall.

Beginners Guide to Azaria

New to the World of Azaria?  Want to get started quick with the lore of this land?  Read these bare minimum articles to lessen the pain and get in-game quicker!  You will absolutely need the knowledge from these articles.  Even if you skim over and just get the main points, it will be better than if you don't read the articles at all.  You won't be tested, but it's important for you to understand the world around you.

The Bare Minimum

If you want to learn more about the World of Azaria, the articles below are some of the most informative articles and are the best places to start learning.  The more you understand about the world, the better experience you'll have roleplaying in it.  The information you learn on the wiki is, of course, out of character.  If you are able to find a library which has books of this sort in it, you may use it to bring some of the knowledge from the wiki into your character's knowledge about the world.

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Game Mechanics

Server Staff

The following members have dedicated their time and talents to the World of Azaria heavy roleplaying server.  Organized into teams, these people deserve the utmost respect for all they do for the community.

Administration Staff

DescentDesigns - Lead Administrator, Developer

Supervolcity, Lead Administrator, Developer

Quintesense, Head Administrator

The Global Management Staff (GMS) is responsible for the everyday management of the server.  This includes, but is not limited to, managing the hosting and overall development of the server.  Lead Administrators are in charge of everything.  Administrators are in charge of one specific field:  Game Administrator / Support Administrator.

Forum Support Administrators

The Forum Staff is in charge of managing the server's official forums.  Support Administrators are in charge of ensuring that the forum is up to date and upkept.  In addition, they are in charge of making sure members follow the rules on the forum.

Wiki Support Administrators

CavGunner, Senior Support Administrator, Senior Game Administrator

Groganer, Senior Support Administrator, Lore/Content Team Leader

PiggyLord, Support Administrator, Game Administrator

The Wiki Team is in charge of creating wiki articles for the various things about the server.  Support Administrators are also in charge of making sure the wiki is accurate and that people are not spamming the wiki.  Support Administrators are in charge of moderating the wiki.


Rollbackers are a form of Wiki Support Administrator.  They simply make sure that malicious content is not put on the wiki.  If they think content is not good enough or is in violation of the rules, they can revert an article to its past state.  Rollbackers have limited admin access on the wiki.

Game Administrators

CavGunner, Senior Support Administrator, Senior Game Administrator

PiggyLord, Support Administrator, Game Administrator

Game Administrators are in charge of all activities in-game.  This includes events, roleplaying, and other day to day things on the server.  Game Administrators manage everything about the in-game experience.

Development Team

DescentDesigns (Artemis) - Lead Administrator, Developer

Supervolcity, Lead Administrator, Developer

The Development Team is made up of people who are interested in creating technical content for the server.  Content includes plugins, mods, website development, etc.

Testers (Trial Staff)

Testers are prospective staff members.  As a tester, they are given a special project or task to show their skills.  While in the role of tester, they are not given any in-game or wiki admin rights.  However, they are tasked to complete a project.

Wiki Rules and Standards

When you submit any content as a registered or unregistered (anonymous) user, you agree to abide by these rules.  The Server Support Team or the Global Administration reserves the right to block you from accessing the wiki for any reason, but will generally only do so if you break these rules or standards.

Wiki Rules

Rules are definite - you must follow them in order to continue using our Wiki.  If you break the rules, you will be blocked from accessing the wiki.  Repeat offenders will be IP Blocked (or Range Blocked).

  1. No offensive language will be tolerated on Talk pages or in article comments.
  2. Malicious edits are not a joke.  If you edit something maliciously, you will be blocked and the article will be rolled back.
  3. Do not spam or create duplicate articles on purpose.
  4. Do not post on the Admin Noticeboard unless you have a good reason.  You will be temporarily blocked if you do.


Standards are not something you can be banned for if you break once.  These are simply to make sure we have a nice looking wiki.  However, if you go out of your way to break the standards and make our wiki look ugly, you may face a temporary or permanent block from accessing the wiki.

  1. Use proper english when posting/editing articles.
  2. Do not create duplicate articles, use the search feature before creating.
  3. Do not make an edit unless you are absolutely sure you are correct.  Do not make an edit on a section which has been marked by a Support Administrator (see edit history).
  4. If you edit is rolled back, do not post the exact same thing again.  You will often be notified by the staff member who rolled your content back why is was rolled back.
  5. Make sure to use the proper tense.  Keep track of when you are supposed to speak in the first, second, or third person.
  6. Tenses (a basic guide) - It's a lot more complicated than this, but this should give you an idea of where to start.
First Person - Speaking through your own eyes as if you are seeing and explaining something.  Example:  "I saw a flower."
Second Person - Speaking through the eyes of the viewer as if they are supposed to be seeing something.  Example: "You saw a flower."
Third Person - Speaking through the eyes of a third party.  Example: "He saw a flower."

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