The Board of Tasks is a message board in the center of the City of Spire where citizens can take on challenges assigned to them by the Nobility .  Completion of these tasks will often have a monetary reward attached to them.  There are many kind of tasks.  Essentially, the tasks work like quests.  They are often only completed by one person before being turned in for the reward.  Commoners are allowed to post tasks on the task board also.

Call to ArmsEdit

When a Call to Arms task is issued, it is a message directly from the king.  Often, the task has something to do with a military operation.  The rewards are often insanely high for successful completion of these tasks.

Noble TasksEdit

Noble Tasks are tasks assigned by the nobility.  The challenges are often harder than normal and will usually bear greater rewards.  Nobles can place bounties on any person which is wanted for a crime.

Common TasksEdit

Common Tasks are normal or easy tasks posted by local members of the community.  These can include harvesting, collecting, etc.  Commoners are not allowed to post messages which include killing or bounties.