The Draconic Humans are an altered form of the Humans.  Long ago, after the creation of man, the Old Gods had thought that they had made a mistake when creating the humans and the other mortal races.  So, in a final attempt to destroy the flawed human race before they grew too powerful, the Old Gods created a group of new, modified humans meant to replace the old humans.  The Old Gods combined the blood of dragons with the human form and created the Draconic Human.

Draconic Humans look exactly like Humans except often have yellowed, draconic eyes.  They also possess certain abilities that humans do not possess:

  • Night Vision - Draconic Eyes allow the Draconic Human to see better at night.
  • Enhanced Magical Abilities - Dragons Blood allows Draconic Humans to cast magical spells, especially elemental magic, better.
  • Mastery - After a Draconic Human has mastered their human form, they can take the Blood Oath at the Dragon Shrine in order to gain a Dragon Form.

The Dragon ShrineEdit

The Draconic Humans did not believe in the mission of the Old Gods, as the Old Gods had given the Draconic Humans reasoning abilities.  The Draconics did not believe that the extermination of the human race, as the Old Gods wished, was practical in any way.  So, they disobeyed the Old Gods' orders.  As the rumors spread of the Old Gods' intentions, as told by the Draconic Humans, support for the Old Gods fell and support for the Champions rose.

The Draconic Humans, instead of involving themselves in the petty acts of religious politics in Darkcrest, retreated to the Kygeni Mountains.  They did not chart or map out where they were going.  Instead, the Draconic Humans found a decent spot in the mountains and began erecting their legendary Dragon Shrine.

As the Dragon Shrine grew taller and taller, it began to attract more and more dragons from around Azaria.  The clouds, slowly, began to shift and weather patterns began to change to reflect the tall spire of the Dragon Shrine.  Eventually, clouds began swirling around the top of the shrine as dragons flew constant circles around it.