The Economy of the Northern Alliance is not very complex, but is upheld by every lord within the borders of the Northern Alliance.  Currency is created in Cornerstone at the Kingsvault.  The Kingsvault is responsible for creation of currency in accordance with regulation terms published by the King and the King's Advisors.

Basics of the EconomyEdit

The Economy runs using coins known simply as coins.  Depending on the metal the coins are made of, their value is variable.  For example, a golden coin is worth more than a copper coin.

Kingsvault TokenEdit

A Kingsvault Token is a wooden token created by the Kingsvault with authorization by the King.  It is worth one object, regardless of the price.  The token, after being spent, is split in two pieces by the person who spends it.  Merchants can exchange two halves of a token at the Kingsvault for the amount of money the purchased object was worth.  A split token cannot be spent.  These tokens are rewarded by the King for exceptional service to the 


Kingsvault Production

Kingdom.  Each Kingsvault token is numbered for tracking.  Currently, there are 14 Kingsvault Tokens in circulation and 600 in the Kingsvault which have been redeemed.

Gold CoinEdit

Gold Coins are not in abundance among the commoners of the Northern Alliance.  They are worth 100 Silver Coins or 10000 Copper Coins.

Silver CoinEdit

Silver Coins are the most abundant type of coin among commoners.  Silver Coins are used to buy general goods.  One silver coin is worth 100 copper coins.


Silver Bars

Copper CoinEdit

The lowest form of money used to buy the smallest and cheapest of items.  Mainly used to buy cheap food and drink at low-grade taverns.

Basic Kingsvault Exchange RatesEdit

These are approximate values of items in the Northern Alliance.  These can be used to get an idea of how much other items may cost.

Iron Sword - 45 Silver Coins

Bread - 65 Copper Coins

Iron Ingot - 6 Silver Coins

Blacksmithing Repairs - 10 Silver Coins per Ingot Used (includes 4 silver per ingot for service)

Kings Champion Chestplate - 800 Gold Coins

Horse - 10 Gold Coins

Oak Log - 90 Copper Coins

Spruce Log - 1 Silver, 50 Copper

Birch Log - 1 Silver, 20 Copper

Jungle Log - 3 Silver, 80 Copper