Humans are not blessed with any outstanding talents on birth.  The Humans are considered to be jacks of all trades - they are not great at any one thing, but they are decent at a lot of things.  The human complexion ranges from the whitest white to the darkest brown and includes many shades of yellow, pink, and pale.

Humans are not amazingly talented in combat, but can master combat skills in time.  Humans tend to prefer one-handed weapons for use with a shield.  However, many humans use two-handed swords.  Humans are a generally all-around race when it comes to combat.

The Humans hail from Darkcrest, where they helped to set up the first major civilization.  After this, they split into two groups - the Northern Humans and the Southern Humans.  The Northern Humans headed north to establish the towns and cities which would become the Northern Alliance.  The Southern Humans headed south to establish the Southern Hold in Haven.

Key FiguresEdit

The humans owe their existence to many inspirational figures who worked to establish civilizations and order among the races.  These leaders are referred to as Elders in human lore.  There are three listed Elders that are listed in most Human history books.

King TyvenEdit

King Tyven was the man to unite the towns and cities of the north into the Northern Alliance.  By organizing them, he was able to create the strongest bond in Azaria and was able to demonstrate dominance over the Southern Hold.

King Kygen GorlakEdit

King Kygen Gorlak was the king to seize power for the Gorlaks once more.  After a period of time when the Gorlaks were unseated from the throne, Kygen was able to regain power for his family.  In addition, he was the first man to lead an expedition into the mountains south of Haven and to chart the mountains.  These mountains came to be known as the Kygeni Mountains for King Kygen's contributions to the cartography of the region.

Sylus CormanEdit

Not much is known about Sylus Corman, as he was a very introverted person.  He generally kept to himself and constantly meditated in the Draconic Temple.  It is known, however, that he was able to single-handedly create the magical link between Vordalis and Azaria which eventually became the Spirit Bridge.