Orcs are the more brutal, tough, and sturdy race. Though they are known for using brute strength and having little brains, their military skill is mostly unrivalled by any other race.

Their typical appearance is skin any shade from muddy brown to a forest green, with horns depending on their age. They are usually extremely tall with huge muscles, that seem to appear from natural causes rather than excersise. They have small black eyes with thick eyebrows. Unusually, their women are often treated as equals, as they are more than able to take care of themselves and are as useful in battles as the men.

An orcs typical weapon is an axe or broadsword, with few known to be good with bows, as they more rely on strength rather than accuracy.

They are a sturdy race and have flourished in mountains and deserts that humans and elves could not survive in. Their mass of underground tunnels is also a constant worry for the other races.

Detailed BackgroundEdit

Orcish CultureEdit

Orcs are renowned for their great sense of community in their home tribes. Each tribe has it's own unique symbol, name, and tribal dance. If there is an alliance or two tribes join together, the two symbols, names, and dances are combined. Thus, the more complex and long any of these features are, the more powerful and ancient the tribe is.

However, their tribal behaviour makes other races see them as primitive and unintelligent. This is a great understatement of the intelligence and wisdom some of the elders have gathered through the years. Those who fought in wars have military skill beyond humans abilities, and naturally intelligent orcs are treated almost like royalty no matter of their background.

They tend to eat raw meat (they seem to like zombie flesh and fermented spider eyes best) and drink water from nearby springs, but they are notorious for raiding local bars for mead, which they seem to be particularly partial to. During times of no war the men will train, and the women are responsible for food. This results in the orcish women being excellent hunters of mobs, and therefore also people.

Community is very important to them, family even more so. They are famous for holding grudges against anyone who hurts anyone close to them, resulting in many wars between themselves. They do not believe in forced marriage, marrying only for either romantic feelings or practicality if both parties agree. Interclan marriages are reasonably common, but if one side is not comfortable there is no vendetta held against them.

Brutality and fighting however is still a major part of their livelihood. The process of becoming an adult and respected member of the tribe is by fighting the latest Orc to become an adult. They can be bloody, but have never been known to end in death so far. They are rough in character and their strength makes them dangerous to humans, dwarves, and elves on a hand to hand combat level.