This is an informational page about the Southern Hold Wall.  The Southern Hold wall is also referred to as the Great Barrier.


The Southern Hold Wall is a six-hundred mile long wall created by a group of Orcs and Dwarves who were enslaved by the humans.  The humans in charge of the Northern Alliance, in an effort to keep their culture pure and to keep the uncivilized people of the South out of the North, drafted a large force of ten thousand orcs and dwarves in approximately 254 C.E. to construct what would be known as the Southern Hold Wall.

During the construction, the Northern Alliance was on constant defense, warding off attacking tribes from the South.  However, once the wall was complete, the attacks ceased and peace talks began.  Soon after completion of the wall, the Southern Hold Immigration Agreement was signed.


The Southern Hold Wall is made of primarily reinforced stone.  The Wall is supported on the inside with braced wooden scaffolding and high-tolerance metals.  At points, the wall reaches heights of 500 feet.  The wall is constantly patrolled by Northern Alliance soldiers armed with long bows.  The guards are stationed there with the orders to kill anyone who comes within one hundred feet of the wall without flying a banner of the North.