Vordalis, sometimes referred to as the Spirit Realm, is the final resting places of posthumous souls and spirits.  Made from pure energy, the realm was once inhabited by the Old Gods before they were overthrown by the Mortal Heroes.  Upon death, the Mortal Heroes passed on to the center ring of Vordalis and began erecting their cities of righteousness.

Rings of VordalisEdit

When a person dies and their soul is released, it is transported to Vordalis for judgment at Vordalis Major.  From there, powerful spirit mages are able to classify the soul into its proper ring based on the purity of the soul.  Based on actions taken during life, a soul is classified into one of the Rings of Vordalis.  The rings closer to Vordalis Major, which is located in the center of Vordalis, are considered to be more pleasurable for those who inhabit them.  The rings on the outside of Vordalis, like Solus, are rings of punishment.  Currently, there are five rings, however there were thirty-six at one point.

Souls are able to travel to any ring lower than their ring, but cannot travel up unless they are classified into a higher ring.  For example, a soul assigned to Vordalis Minor can travel to to Solus and back up to Vordalis Minor, but cannot pass into Vordalis Major due to the warding spells.

Vordalis MajorEdit

Vordalis Major is the first ring of Vordalis.  The first ring is for the purest of souls.  Those who save lives and fight their hardest to preserve the mortal races of Azaria are given the privilege of staying in the best of the rings after death.  Vordalis Major consists of the most peaceful environment available to souls after death.

Vordalis MinorEdit

Vordalis Minor is the second ring of Vordalis.  Vordalis Minor is the place for those who have not been perfect during life but have not been evil.  Those who were generally good people during life are given the privilege of staying in Vordalis Minor, a ring which is protected by the Heroic Wards.

Vordalis SumasEdit

Vordalis Sumas is the third ring of Vordalis, protected by the Heroic Wards.  It is the place where neutral souls are sent.  Those who were neither evil nor good are sent to Sumas to roam.

Vordalis MagnasEdit

Vordalis Magnas is the fourth ring of Vordalis, home of those who were minorly evil in life.  Mortals which did evil things during life are forced to endure minor punishments in undeath while they roam Vordalis.  Magnas is not protected by the Heroic Wards, as evil souls are not of equal value as good souls to the heroes which rule over Vordalis.

Vordalis SolusEdit

Vordalis Solus is the final ring of Vordalis which still exists.  Solus is the home of those who were corrupt or evil during life.  Those who murdered others unjustly or did things which compromised mortality.  They are forced to endure constant punishment for their crimes during life.  Adding to this, they are also faced with the threat of permanent destruction by the encroaching corruption.

Corruption of VordalisEdit

When the Mortal Heroes died, their spirits passed on to Vordalis.  Upon passing to Vordalis Major, the spirits of the three heroes organized a coup to take over Vordalis Major.  In a long series of wars known as the Spirit Wars, the heroes fought valiantly for control of Vordalis.  Eventually, they achieved victory and drove the gods out of Vordalis and into the void.  Putting up a series of massive shields, known as the Heroic Wards, they were able to keep all corruption out of Vordalis for an extended period of time.

Starting about three hundred years ago, the gods began their second assault on Vordalis.  By combining their powers, they were able to create Magical Essence.  Using this Magical Essence, they were able to create a new type of creature known as the Corruptor.  The Corruptors, led by the former gods of the Azaria and Vordalis, began an enormous assault on the wards from every direction.  The shields, unable to withstand the massive amount of corruption and shadow energy, receded slowly toward Vordalis Sumas.  The Heroes, in response to this attack, strengthened the shields without expanding them to the edges of Vordalis again.  These shields became nearly indestructible upon strengthening.

After the shields had receded, the corruptors began their final advance on Vordalis Major by slowly eating away at Vordalis from the outside in.  Their final goal, which will take hundreds of years, is to corrupt Vordalis entirely so the Old Gods can create a new spirit realm in place of the current one.

The Spirit MagesEdit

The Spirit Mages are a council of five undead mages.  They reside in Vordalis Major's keep and stand to judge every single soul which is to pass into Vordalis.  Each soul is sent before the Spirit Mages to be sorted into a proper Ring of Vordalis.

The Spirit Mages posess powers over life, death, and spirits.  They are the lieutenants of the Heroes and use their magic to bind souls to certain Rings of Vordalis.  The Spirit Mages also regulate which mortals can enter Vordalis. By guarding the Gates of Vordalis in Vordalis Major, they prevent mortals without good purposes for visiting the spirit realm from entering Vordalis.

The Heroic WardsEdit

The Heroic Wards are a series of five thick shields around Vordalis Sumas which protect Sumas, Vordalis Minor, and Vordalis Major from assault by the Corruptors.  The first ward, positioned closest to Vordalis Major, is the strongest ward.  It protects against anything which is not pure.  Anything which is not good is unable to pass through the ward.  The second ward is a protection against shadows.  Things made of shadows are unable to pass through the ward.  The third, fourth, and fifth wards are protections against haste, anger, and dark magical essence.